SNL brilliantly satirizes Americas racial divide during the Derek Chauvin murder trial – Raw Story

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” tackled the Derek Chauvin murder trial.

The shows cold open featured the fictional show “Eye on Minnesota.” While the full panel agreed Chauvin should be found guilty for killing George Floyd, the two white panelists on the show said they thought Chauvin would be convicted, while the Black panelists were not so sure.

“Let’s just say we’ve seen this movie before,” the Black female panelist explained.

“You know, that’s fair, I think skepticism of legal process is valid,” the white female panelist said. “Historically police have gotten away in other cases like this.”

“Historically?” the Black male panelist asked.

“She means every single time,” the Black female panelist explained.

The panel awkwardly discussed the trial and racial issues in America, eventually bringing the weatherman into the conversation.

There were also divergent views on whether the royal death referred to Prince Philip or rapper DMX.

While they could find little they could agree upon, 80% agreed that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is awful.


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