Work towards getting certified as a true Microsoft Azure expert with this training package

Work towards getting certified as a true Microsoft Azure expert with this training package

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TLDR: The Complete 2021 Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle features 10 courses that can get you certified to build, run and protect a network on the Azure platform.

The narrative in cloud computing has been the same for quite a while. Companies are migrating to the cloud at a record pace and the unquestioned no. 1 in the cloud services market was Amazon Web Services (AWS). While AWS is still the top dog in the cloud field, their main competitor, Microsoft Azure, has been slowly closing that gap for years.

By the end of 2020, AWS held 32 percent of the cloud market, while a busy year for Azure pushed them to a closest-ever 20 percent, backed by 50 percent revenue growth for the year. Now, Microsoft is continuing their push, even angling to get the Azure cloud aboard the International Space Station.

If you’re an IT pro or considering a career in the cloud and you haven’t looked at Azure yet, the training in The Complete 2021 Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle ($39, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) can help fill this increasingly glaring hole in your cloud education.

The collection features 10 courses and more than 50 hours of content exploring all the tools and techniques that Azure offers to get a networked system running smoothly, securely and efficiently on their platform.

The first half of the package tackles not only introductions to the Azure interface and basic understanding of the platform, but getting students certified as schooled and tested Microsoft Azure practitioners.

First, AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Quick Prep starts by covering the ground floor foundational knowledge for working in the cloud, even for learners from non-tech backgrounds. Once you’ve proved you have an understanding of how the cloud works, further courses prep students to master main concepts and specific tools for using Azure, including four exams to earn distinction as an Azure associate, administrator, or architect.

Meanwhile, the second half of the collection expands on your new-found abilities, including three Master Class courses examining more advanced Azure training, including monitoring your network storage needs, evaluating performance through Azure Stream Analytics, and how to automate and optimize your cloud processes using Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

Normally, all this Azure training would cost more than $1,800, but as part of The Complete 2021 Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle, all 10 courses are included for about $4 each, only $39.

Prices are subject to change.

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