Did Tom Brady purposefully cover up Nike logo during Super Bowl celebration?

Amid the mayhem after winning Super Bowl 55 with a 31-9 rout of the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady appeared to notice and then quickly conceal a Nike logo on his undershirt while celebrating his seventh title Sunday. 

The brand cover-up is noteworthy because Brady is one of Under Armour’s most prominent endorsers, wearing the Under Armour cleats and gloves throughout the season. The NFL holds an apparel and equipment contract with Nike. 

This isn’t the first time Brady, who won his fifth Super Bowl MVP, has made an apparent attempt to cover up the Nike brand. During his lengthy tenure with the New England Patriots, Brady would turn his Nike jerseys and other attire inside-out or tape over the Nike swoosh during interviews of news conferences. The 43-year-old signal caller did the same thing with a photo he shared on his Instagram story from an early Bucs workout in June

In the Super Bowl celebration Sunday, a jubilant Brady was seen hoisting the Lombardi Trophy before apparently noticing himself on camera. He made a quick shirt adjustment to seemingly cover up the logo near his neck before appearing to pose for a photo. The Super Bowl champions shirt he wore also had a Nike swoosh on the sleeve. 

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Brady’s brand awareness on a big stage draws a callback to Michael Jordan famously covering up the Reebok logo during the gold medal ceremony in the 1992 Summer Olympics with an American flag, as Jordan was the face of Nike at the time and held his allegiance to the brand. 

A recent report revealed that Under Armour is set to end its licensing contract with the NFL. The contract had allowed for the brand to be displayed on accessories like gloves during games. Now Under Armour will be restricted from its logo being shown in that capacity. 

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