Court rules Quebec doesnt have to provide online learning option to all parents | CBC News

The Quebec government does not have to make online learning available to every student in the province, the Quebec Superior Court ruled Monday.

A group of Montreal parents had asked the court to strike down a rule that limits distance learning only to those children who qualify for a medical exemption.

Citing concerns about COVID-19, the parents argued their charter rights were violated by a decree issued by the Quebec government that has made in-class attendance mandatory unless a child meets a short list of criteria.

Superior Court Justice Chantal Chatelain disagreed, writing that parents still had the option of home-schooling their children if they were opposed to the rule.

Chatelain also wrote the government had no obligation to provide online learning to everyone just because it had provided the resources to a small group of students.

Quebec’s back-to-school approach has contrasted with other provinces that┬áhave given all parents the option of using online learning in order to reduce class sizes amid the pandemic.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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