January 6 Capitol Riot Arrests

Obstructing, impeding or interfering with any law enforcement officer during the commission of a civil disorder.

Sabol grabbed a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department, who was guarding the interior of the Capitol building, and dragged him down exterior stairs while punching him in the back, according video footage cited in a criminal complaint. Sabol and others forced the officer prone and struck him in the head and body repeatedly, a Department of Justice news release stated, and Sabol, wearing a jacket, black helmet, green backpack and black gloves, can be seen in photos holding what appears to be a police baton across the officer’s neck.

When Clarkstown Police pulled Sabol over in New City, New York on Jan. 11, after reports of erratic driving, they found Sabol covered in blood, suffering severe lacerations to both thighs and arms, the FBI reported. Sabol told the officers his wounds were self inflicted, that he’d been “fighting tyranny” in the Capitol and that he was wanted by the FBI.

After spending several days in a Westchester, New York, hospital, Sabol was arrested. The FBI reported that Sabol admitted he was the man in the video dragging the policeman, but stated he was “”patting him on the back”” rather than punching him. The Associated Press reported Sabol was being held without bail after a prosecutor said during a court hearing that Sabol had booked a flight from Boston to Zurich, Switzerland, where he would not face extradition.

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