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This network connects the company to the area robotics checking out the planetary system, it says. And the meal is prepared and now online to communicate with a variety of objectives. These will include its Perseverance rover when it arrive at Mars next month.
The DSS-56 is described by Nasa as an “all-in-one” antenna that can communicate with all the missions that the DSN supports and can be used as a backup for other antennas.
It composes:

In addition to Spain, the Deep Space Network has ground stations in California (Goldstone) and Australia (Canberra). This configuration permits mission controllers to communicate with spacecraft throughout the solar system at all times during Earths rotation.

” DSS-56 offers the Deep Space Network additional real-time versatility and reliability,” stated Badri Younes, deputy associate administrator and program manager of NASAs Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN). “This brand-new possession represents and highlights our continuous assistance for more than 30 deep area objectives who rely on our services to allow their success.”

The brand-new 34-meter-wide (112-foot-wide) dish has been under construction at the Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex because 2017. Existing antennas are limited in the frequency bands they can transfer and receive, frequently restricting them to interacting just with particular spacecraft. DSS-56 is the first to use the Deep Space Networks full variety of communication frequencies as quickly as it browsed the web. This means DSS-56 is an “all-in-one” antenna that can communicate with all the missions that the DSN supports and can be utilized as a backup for any of the Madrid complexs other antennas.

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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