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AMMAN (Jordan) – When its video game time, Freddy Ibrahim doesnt care who hes taking on. Whether its in the regional Jordanian professional league, the FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers, and even when hes taking on a 2-time NBA MVP.
Freddy simply plays his game.
Because of that, some of his on-court encounters fly by like a blur. In some cases, those moments go by so quickly, that even Ibrahim himself has problem acknowledging it actually occurred like when he played Giannis Antetokounmpo in a friendly competition ahead of the World Cup 2019 in China.
” It was truthfully surreal now that I recall at it,” Ibrahim said in a recent talk with @FIBAAsiaCup on Instagram. “My buddies were like I cant believe you bet Giannis! It went by so fast for me that in some cases I need them to tell me like how crazy it was and it was dope.”

Making all of the success even sweeter has actually been the assistance of the fans.
” It was fantastic. The fans were fantastic. Clearly they were with us for the entire World Cup element lagging us.”.
Ibrahim had experienced the shower of love from the fans throughout the World Cup, but it was primarily through an online existence. When he was able to feel that support directly, it was not just up until the Asia Cup Qualifiers procedure.
, it was terrific for sure.”.

” Its funny since when I was younger, I experimented with for the Canadian nationwide group once. I believe it was the U18 team.”.
” My buddies were supportive of me but obviously they were opting for the nation. It was a great experience. I loved it.”.
” I love having a bit more of a background story. I like when the video game implies more than just the game itself. I take those opportunities and I attempt to carry out to the very best of my capabilities. It adds to the story, the narrative.”.
In the game after Jordans loss to Canada, Ibrahim added a fundamental part of his individual story and story with what he recalls as the best moment of his basketball career.
I played well that video game too so it all goes hand in hand. That was absolutely a big win for the nation and for us. Senegal, we played them a couple of time prior to that in fact.

” Even at halftime actually, when we were going to the locker space. I look back and its him and Im like 22. Like I do not know where it came from.
Freddy Ibrahims whole journey is a bit surreal, actually. He went from the kid who played a little bit of whatever to checking out for the Canada youth national team to dipping into the World Cup for Jordan in what appeared like the blink of an eye.
Whatever season it was, I was playing that sport. I never enjoyed basketball specifically till I was about grade 6.
” That one year I just felt when the season for basketball was over, I just didnt wish to stop which was when I understood.”.
Fast forward not too much longer to 2019 and the season of basketball has actually still not stopped for Freddy. He discovered himself on the center court in China, playing in one of the biggest stages of competitors for basketball at the World Cup for Jordan.
” Both of my moms and dads are from here,” Ibrahim said, referring to his current area in Amman where he is playing for the local league title, while describing his go-to Jordanian delicacy, Maqluba – an “upside down chicken and rice meal”.
Ibrahim shined in his first ever FIBA appearance at that World Cup, finishing with averages of 7.2 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 3.4 helps per game. When a gamer of Giannis Antetokounmpos caliber stamps his sign of approval and Freddy got to find out a lot from the experience, you know you are doing well.
Aside his encounter with Giannis, there was likewise the video game versus Canada. Ibrahim is proud to represent his “other” house country as well, listing former Toronto Raptor Tracy McGrady as his all-time preferred gamer and Drake as “the G.O.A.T”, so getting to play versus Canada at the World Cup was another special minute.

Plainly they were with us for the whole World Cup element being behind us.”.
” Before the Asia Cup Qualifiers, a week before that, we played Lebanon for a friendly match in Amman and I dislocated my finger. His very first Asia Cup appearance? Is there an Asia Cup title in the future? Maybe another trip to the World Cup?

” Before the Asia Cup Qualifiers, a week prior to that, we played Lebanon for a friendly match in Amman and I dislocated my finger. All the fans were shouting my name and cheering me on,” he stated as an example of his remarkable experience with the fans of Jordan basketball. “Its not similar to one interaction however more of as a whole so I believed that was really cool for sure.”.
Freddy is now one the brightest young increasing stars in Jordan basketball. After his breakout performance at the World Cup, hes continued to include on to that resume, most recently with clutch free-throws to win the Jordanian Premier league title and be called to the leagues All-Star Five.
Jordan will be relying on his growth into becoming an even better gamer down the roadway and the signs early on have actually been assuring. In the very first window of the Qualifiers, Ibrahim stepped up in the lack of essential veterans, specifically in an important win over Kazakhstan where he scored 27 points.
” Whoever is on the court or whoever is on the lineup, you simply got to play and go. Whoever is missing is whoever is missing out on, it is what it is.”.
” I felt like me and Amin Abu Hawwas were ready for the challenge. You just have to figure out who is there and who is not and simply kind of go and take the opportunity with it.
That mindset will continue to be very important when the last window of the Asia Cup Qualifiers tipoff in February. Jordan remain in an excellent position to finish amongst the leading two areas to receive Asia Cup 2021, however theres still work delegated do.
I feel like were locked in, were all starving and we all cant wait to get back on the court for the nationwide group and just keep proving ourselves. I feel like were really confident. I feel like if we simply do our job and stay focused.
Freddy Ibrahim enjoys a great background story. Hes developing a terrific one up until now in his profession. Who understands how this story will go from here. His first Asia Cup look? Exists an Asia Cup title in the future? Perhaps another trip to the World Cup?
We dont understand for sure yet, but were all eagerly anticipating discover.
Make sure to have a look at the full talk with Freddy Ibrahim for more on his preferred film, music, number and rivalry with Jordan on FIBA Asia Cup IGTV!

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