Turbulent week of weather ahead with 3 different storms tracking across US

There are winter season weather notifies this early morning with more expected later on Sunday.January 24, 2021, 1:05 PM – 5 min readShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articleA unstable week of weather condition is ahead with 3 different major storms anticipated to track throughout the United States.The 2 biggest takeaways form this exceptionally active weather condition pattern includes the increasing possibility of a long-duration heavy rain and snow occasion coming to California that could have major impacts to the state.Already this morning a fast hit of snow is moving through the upper Midwest and is quickly dropping 1 to 3 inches of snow.The quick round of snow brought hazardous travel conditions to I-80 in Nebraska on Saturday night where ABC News affiliate KETV is reporting a mishap caused 2 deaths and one injury after an automobile crossed the average and hit a semi-truck. There are winter season weather condition informs being issued today with more certainly to be provided in the coming hours.A storm will bring some more mountain snow and valley rain in the Southern Rockies later Sunday and into Monday.It will bring snow and ice to parts of the main Plains and Midwest and some extra serious weather condition will be possible throughout parts of northern Texas and Oklahoma where, locally, harmful winds and hail will be possible.By Monday night, the snow and wintry mix will stretch from Iowa to New Jersey with the heaviest snow falling from northern Kansas into parts of Illinois.Chicago, in particular, could quickly stack up numerous inches of snow on Monday night and a wintry mix is likely to cause slick streets from Indianapolis to the Appalachian mountains.As the storm slides east, it will have some difficulty producing snow near the significant northeast cities and this most likely ways that snowfall amounts near Philadelphia and New York will be kept in the low range.As the storm moves east, it will have some difficulty producing snow near the major northeast cities and this likely ways that snowfall quantities near Philadelphia and New York will be kept in the low range.On the snowfall projection, in your area over 6 inches of snow is anticipated from western Kansas to Chicago and a couple of locations of 3 to 6 inches is possible from the Kansas-Nebraska Border to Ohio.It is very important to note that the snow amounts to look rather low near the major northeast Cities and Chicago could quickly get over 6 inches of snow from this storm on Monday night.Another storm will quickly move into the western U.S. on Sunday and bring extensive mountain snow and heavy rain from San Francisco to Los Angeles.Locally, 10 inches of snow will be possible in the southern California mountains later on Sunday and Monday which could make travel really treacherous.As this storm moves throughout the country, it will bring another quick hit of snow to parts of the Midwest.Once this storm reaches the East Coast, it remains uncertain just how extreme the storm will be and precisely where this storm will track.Some computer system models are indicating that a rather effective storm will establish near the mid-Atlantic and bring at least some snow to the mid-Atlantic states by Thursday.Some computer system designs are suggesting that a rather powerful storm will develop near the mid-Atlantic and bring a minimum of some snow to the mid-Atlantic states by Thursday.Given that the designs arent in agreement on some of the most crucial information of this setup, uncertainty remains high at this time.Also by the middle of the week, another separate storm will show up in California and, as of Sunday morning, this storm looks to be the most concerning.The storm will bring an atmospheric river of wetness to California that will bring torrential rain and extreme mountain snow for the second half of the week.Several feet of snow might make travel through mountain passes difficult and quite dangerous.One of the biggest concerns is that California saw 5 of its top six fires by acreage in its history in 2020 and there is a tremendous amount of land there that is prone to particles circulations and mudslides.Additionally, there is an extreme rains forecast for the region and the week will become more susceptible to flash flooding with locally over 10 inches of snow possible in California this week alone.Several feet of snow could make travel through mountain passes rather harmful and difficult.

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