Chiefs Patrick Mahomes suffering from turf toe, not 100 percent –

Of the toe, Mahomes said, “The next day was extremely sore, and every single day ever since its gotten a lot better.”

“Ill be out there and be myself,” Mahomes stated.

Mahomes was put in the protocol after he was taken to the ground last weekend and faltered and staggered while attempting to walk. That alone sufficed to put him in the protocol.

Mahomes presently has no injury status and took practically all of the associates during the week of practice that more carefully looked like a multitude of walk-throughs. His injury status was removed and hell play vs. the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game when he cleared protocol.

All concussions are various and all signs are different. Once there is a modification in brain function (as revealed by the tests from a neurologist), hes in the procedure.

Mahomes suffered no ill impacts or signs from being in the concussion protocol, and the toe was considered a larger issue.

As one source discussed, whether Mahomes particularly had a concussion or not is not pertinent. When a player has a transient neurological event, the goal is to make certain his brain has totally recuperated by the time he takes the field.

Thats why Mahomes, whose spoken concussion test included one missed out on concern, was put in the procedure and eventually ruled out. The fact that he suffered no signs this week is positive.

As of now, there is not always a belief that Mahomes will need surgical treatment on the plantar plate injury. A source stated that hell be re-evaluated following the season by a foot specialist to determine if hell require surgery.

Sources say Mahomes was identified with grass toe in his left foot following the Divisional Round win over the Cleveland Browns, an injury that restricted his effectiveness on the field recently and throughout practice today.

When it comes to being in the concussion procedure, the Chiefs did not specifically state that Mahomes had a concussion. When describing it, coach Andy Reid said Mahomes is “in the procedure” without saying that Mahomes had a concussion.

While Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has actually cleared the NFLs concussion procedure, that is not the only injury issue for the previous MVP.

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