Are the Miami Dolphins waiting on Ken Dorsey for OC? – Phin Phanitic


The Miami Dolphins haven’t hired an offensive coordinator yet and speculation is that they are waiting on a coach currently in the playoffs. Could that someone be Ken Dorsey?

Ken Dorsey is an intriguing candidate for the Dolphins’ vacant OC spot. Hired by Sean McDermott in 2019 to coach quarterbacks, Dorsey has turned Josh Allen‘s career around. The question fans are asking is whether or not he is the target for Brian Flores?

Earlier today the Dolphins signed Charlie Frye to be the team’s QB coach. This move was made without an OC on staff but what is interesting is that Dorsey and Frye were teammates in Cleveland during the 2006 and 2007 seasons. They have remained close friends.

Many in league circles believe that Dorsey is ready for the jump to OC. Brian Daboll who is currently serving as the OC for the Bills was expected to leave for an HC job. That won’t happen this year. Dorsey was in line for the promotion, which also no longer will happen.

Dorsey has a history in Miami leading the Hurricanes to a National Championship and was a runner-up Heisman Trophy nominee. He set most of the passing records for the Hurricanes during his time there. His pro career was far from great.

As a coach, Dorsey would make a lot of sense for Brian Flores and could give the Dolphins some consistency at the position for several years. He would be a good teacher for Tua Tagovailoa as well.

Obviously, we don’t know what Flores is thinking but Dorsey could be the target. The Frye hire would make a lot of sense and the fact that the Dolphins haven’t hired anyone indicates they could be waiting for a playoff team to finish their season. Maybe we will know more next week if the Bills are eliminated Sunday night.

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