Twitter reacts to Sean Desais promotion to Bears defensive coordinator – Chicago Bears Wire

As you can see by former players, Desai is extremely well appreciated within the company. #Bears
— Zack Pearson (@Zack_Pearson) January 22, 2021

Sean Desai has actually been one of the two internal candidates– Jay Rodgers– who had a legit opportunity of being promoted.
Ive had my worry about Desai. Yet, hes likewise held in high regard by gamers and coaches around the league. Lets see how this turns out.
— Erik Duerrwaechter (@EDuerrwaechter) January 22, 2021

I like this move quite ⬇
— Danny (@clutchbryant) January 22, 2021

Big news! Very delighted about this hire. Hes got loads of experience all over
– Defensive and unique teams coach at Temple -Assistant director of football ops at Miami-RB coach/special groups planner at Boston College– #Bears quality assurance coach– #Bears safety coach
— Austin F (@PodGuyFuges) January 22, 2021

Chicago Indians rejoice
— suge (@SugarShiv) January 22, 2021

Amazing. Actually delighted to see the Bears providing a chance to somebody whos worked his way up for years. Individuals who have actually been with the group appear to enjoy the man, and theres a reason hes been here considering that 2013 #DaBears
— Jim Hanson (@NavyOrangeJim) January 22, 2021

Ought to be interesting to see how much the #Bears defense will alter with him in charge.
Love the hire. Expect a 3-4 scheme though.
— Joseph Herff (@JosephHerffNFL) January 22, 2021

What an amazing minute for every little Indian kid whos loved this sport permanently!
— Suraj Sinha (@surajkibahomein) January 22, 2021

Yes, thank you Bears! My favorite candidate and in house hire
— ⛓ ⛓ ⬇ Bren ⬇ ⛓ ⛓ (@BBB_54_) January 22, 2021

This is HUGE.
BEAR DOWN ⬇ #DaBears
— Nic Roti (@ChicagoNic) January 22, 2021

Assessing, developing, and utilizing gifted young players or coaches hasnt been their strength. Perhaps this move will reveal improvement there.
— Anthony Herron (@BigAntHerron) January 22, 2021

Congrats to Sean Desai on becoming the next Bears Defensive Coordinator. Desai is the male– my novice year he drew the cards for the scout defense i think. Fantastic opportunity for Sean Desai, and I like the idea of the Bears offering someone they consider a young, increasing star a chance. Delighted for Sean Desai! As you can see by former gamers, Desai is extremely well appreciated within the company.

This is the first Bears move I have actually liked in…
— Josiah Abbott (@JosiahAb) January 22, 2021

Desai is the guy– my rookie year he drew the cards for the scout defense i think. He then ran scout conferences– worked his way up. Constantly the very same person too
— Kyle (@Ky1eLong) January 22, 2021

Breaking barriers like to see it
— Sports With X (@sportswithx) January 22, 2021

Bears just provided me a reason to care next season.
Ill be rooting tough for Sean #DaBears
— Malcom C. Riley III (@MalcomRiley22) January 22, 2021

Thrilled for Sean Desai! We shared a small office at Temple together. Total stud coach. 2 offices beside us were Ryan Day and Matt Rhule. Easy to choose the stars in this occupation and imposters. Hard working, knowledgeable, relationships matter and they can flat out teach.
— Tony Racioppi (@Tonyrazz03) January 22, 2021

Been on the staff for many years and love the concept of promoting within. Woulda have preferred Jay Rodgers however absolutely cool with Desai
— Xavier Rosa (@MrChi_City) January 22, 2021

Oh look a proficient move by the #Bears #Collaboration
— Joseph Hodge (@joecamelpack) January 22, 2021

There it is. Terrific chance for Sean Desai, and I like the idea of the Bears giving someone they consider a young, increasing star an opportunity.
— Dhruv Koul (@DhruvKoul) January 22, 2021

I like the hire. Fresh and non-traditional. Always much better to promote within the org with brand-new planners
— Blake (@SoldierFieldBlg) January 22, 2021

HUGE hire for the Chicago Bears. Congrats to Sean Desai on ending up being the next Bears Defensive Coordinator. Theyve got some holes fill at D line coach and offending skill coaches, however this is a step in the ideal direction. Expect more of what you saw in 2018 but w/ his own flavor
— Sam Acho (@TheSamAcho) January 22, 2021

No pressure, Desai.
Everybody is on the hot spot, defense is all you, a wide range of starters in their 30s, and were set to spend more cash on defense than any other NFL group so you need to be Top 5. Deal? Deal.
— Joe Ostrowski (@JoeO670) January 22, 2021

After a week and a half of searching and talking to many candidates, the Chicago Bears called securities coach Sean Desai as their new defensive coordinator on Friday, according to NFL Networks Ian Rapoport.
Desai has actually been with the team given that 2013 and replaces Chuck Pagano, who retired after leading the Bears defense for 2 seasons. The guy nicknamed “Doc” invested 6 years as the teams quality control assistant prior to being promoted to the securities coach in 2019.
Desai won the job over other candidates such as Dallas Cowboys assistant George Edwards, former Arizona Cardinals protective planner James Bettcher, Indianapolis Colts secondary coach Jonathon Gannon and Bears legend Mike Singletary.
The news drew a lot of reactions on Friday afternoon as lots of former players, fans, and experts shared their thoughts on the new Bears defensive organizer.

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