The history behind an exclusive but lesser-known presidential club

The very first president to bring the junior suffix was the 2nd to hold the task: John Adams Jr.There are plenty of club members in the modern age– including 38th President Gerald Ford who was called a junior two times. He would later alter his name to honor his stepfather becoming Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr.Fords followers name is truly James Earl Carter Jr– however he turned that into Jimmy Carter throughout his political career.Former President Barack Hussein Obama likewise bears his dads name, however his parents chose to add the Roman character II rather of the suffix junior.George W. Bush, boy of George H.W. Bush, was long known to family members as “junior,” even though those differing middle initials technically keep him out of the governmental junior club.” Theres truly no reason for George Bush 43 to refer to himself as junior, though of course in natural parlance individuals looked at the names and said they sounded alike,” Engel stated.

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