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The Texans’ bizarre offseason has taken another strange turn, as the team has interviewed quarterback Josh McCown, who was on their active roster at the end of the season.

The Texans announced the McCown interview today.

McCown has done some high school coaching, but to say he’s lacking in the typical qualifications for an NFL head coach would be a major understatement. He hasn’t even been so much as a quality control coach in the NFL or college football.

If McCown were to be hired, it is believed that he would be the first player to go directly from being an active player to an NFL head coach since Norm Van Brocklin, who was the Eagles’ quarterback in 1960 and the Vikings’ head coach in 1961.

That the Texans would even consider McCown indicates either that Jack Easterby is making another weird power play in the front office, or that McCown developed a close bond with quarterback Deshaun Watson, and the Texans think hiring McCown would placate Watson, who is so unhappy with the team it has fueled widespread speculation that he’ll hold out and demand a trade.

The Texans also announced that they have interviewed Jim Caldwell for their head coaching vacancy.

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