Islamic State claims deadly and rare twin blasts in Baghdad

BAGHDAD (AP)– The Islamic State declared duty for an unusual suicide attack that rocked main Baghdad, eliminating 32 individuals and wounding dozens.The bombing targeted “apostate Shiites,” the group stated in a declaration on an IS-affiliated site late Thursday. A minimum of 32 individuals were eliminated and over 100 people injured in the blasts on Thursday. Some remained in extreme condition. According to authorities, the first suicide bomber wept out loudly that he was ill in the middle of the busy market, triggering a crowd to gather around him– and thats when he detonated his explosive belt. The 2nd detonated soon after. The U.S.-led coalition just recently ceased fight activities and is gradually drawing down its troop existence in Iraq, triggering fears of an IS renewal. The group has rarely been able to permeate the capital considering that being dislodged by Iraqi forces and the U.S.-led coalition in 2017. The attack was the very first in nearly three years to strike the capital. Elsewhere, in northern Iraq and the western desert, attacks continue and practically solely target Iraqi security forces. A boost in attacks was seen last summer as militants made the most of the federal governments focus on taking on the coronavirus pandemic and exploited security spaces across disputed territory in northern Iraq.

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