Vaccinating Californians 65 and older could take until June, likely delaying rollout to other groups – KTLA Los Angeles

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” We do not know when supply will be increasing,” Pan stated throughout a vaccine advisory committee on Wednesday, noting that the state is not keeping vaccine. The evaluation is based upon dosage levels for the Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna vaccines, which each need 2 dosages for effectiveness. If allocation increases and distribution accelerate, or a brand-new single-dose vaccine is approved, the timeline might change, she stated.

The existing pace might alter if the federal government accelerate shipments beyond the present rate of 300,000 to 500,000 doses weekly, Pan said. Far, the state has received roughly 4 million vaccine doses from the federal government.

Immunizing Californians 65 and over might take until June to finish, the states epidemiologist said Wednesday, raising brand-new concerns about when other groups will be eligible for the vaccine and underscoring the rapidly diminishing COVID-19 vaccine stockpiles.

That schedule would push back vaccine gain access to for individuals not currently on the top priority list for at least four months, based on state epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pans quote at a vaccine advisory committee conference. The present top priority list, in addition to older citizens, consists of healthcare industry employees and workers and citizens of assisted living home.

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