Tennessee football confidential: Coaches on Pruitt, cheating – The Athletic

The point here is to have a discussion about the Tennessee football job and how it is viewed in the coaching community, employing a roundtable of college coaches — five total, three of them current FBS head coaches, all having at least served as a Power 5 or NFL coordinator — who can speak freely without their names attached to their comments.

But when you grant that freedom, and when the job in question is open because of alleged NCAA violations under fired coach Jeremy Pruitt’s watch, the conversation will inevitably be heavy on cheating. One of the coaches, amid laughs on the rumor of cash handouts in fast-food bags, said he has heard of one SEC program that gives cash “teasers” (as in, more is coming) to visiting recruits in parking ticket envelopes on their car windshields; that another has boosters designated as “governors” of each county in the school’s talent-rich home state to make sure inducements are finding young…

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