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White House press secretary Jen Psaki was non-committal at her launching instruction on Wednesday about keeping Wray in location at the FBI, saying she had not spoken with Biden about it. The president had hinted he would keep Wray on for his 10-year term, questions had reemerged about whether he would stay on after the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol.
Leadership at the FBI has been under the microscope for its response to the Capitol riots. Wray didnt appear publicly for more than a week after the Jan. 6 Capitol takeover and the Department of Justice revealed Friday that it released an internal review into its action to the lethal insurrection, analyzing intelligence and how information was shared.
“The DOJ OIG likewise will evaluate whether there are any weaknesses in DOJ protocols, policies, or treatments that negatively impacted the ability of DOJ or its components to prepare efficiently for and react to the occasions at the U.S. Capitol on January 6,” the department stated in a release.
Although Trump selected Wray, the relationship between the two males quickly torn. Trump had pressed Wray to reveal info that could possibly harm Biden politically ahead of the Nov. 3 governmental election and Trumps team took problem with Wrays view of antifa as “an ideology” rather than an orderly group.
In October, an organization representing thousands of FBI representatives gotten in touch with then-president Trump and Biden to keep Wray on for the length of his term.
“While the president can remove an FBI director, doing so might lead to instability and damage to the bureaus operations, which is why Congress meant to insulate the position of director from political impulses,” Brian OHare, president of the FBI Agents Association stated.
“All interactions with the Biden group have been extremely positive,” a U.S. federal government official told POLITICO about Wrays relationship with the administration.
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