Trump revokes rule preventing White House staff from lobbying – POLITICO

When Trump signed his executive order with fantastic excitement in 2017, he joked that a few of his aides would “not have the ability to go to work” after leaving his administration. But the turnaround of Trumps executive order on the last day in office would appear to give some of his personnel relief after appointees have had difficulty discovering tasks in a Democratic-controlled capital.

President Donald Trump had carried out the policy by executive order at the start of his presidency.|Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

After campaigning on a guarantee to “drain the overload,” Donald Trump ended his presidency by withdrawing his own guideline indicated to avoid White House personnel from lobbying.
Soon after he entered office, Trump signed an executive order that disallowed appointees from any lobbying associated to their agency for 5 years, in addition to a lifetime ban on lobbying for a foreign federal government. Every Trump appointee was needed to sign a pledge consenting to those rules. However in a last-minute relocation early Wednesday, Trump reversed the order and allowed the revolving door in Washington to continue swinging.

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