12 National Guard Members Removed From Inauguration Duties Amid Extremist Threats – The New York Times

General Austin included later on, “We can do a better task of evaluating the folks we bring in.”The F.B.I. examination into the Capitol rampage, still in its extremely early phases, has actually determined at least six suspects with military links out of the more than 100 individuals who have been taken into federal custody or the bigger number still under investigation. They consist of a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel from Texas, an Army officer from North Carolina and an Army reservist from New Jersey. Another individual who served in the armed force was shot and killed in the assault.The militarys assessment of its ranks is a turning point for the Pentagon, which has a history of downplaying the increase of white nationalism and conservative activism, even as Germany and other nations are finding a deep strain embedded in their armed forces.Federal officials are vetting thousands of National Guard members arriving to assist protect the inauguration. Of the 25,000 Guard workers who are in Washington, any who will be near Mr. Biden or Ms. Harris will receive additional background checks, a guideline to counter insider threats that was likewise taken prior to Mr. Trumps inauguration in 2017. In addition to the National Guard members, the Pentagon strategies to release about 2,750 active-duty workers in support of the occasion. About 2,000 of them will carry out ceremonial responsibilities in military bands, color guards and a salute-gun battery, and act as sentries and ushers.The remaining 750 are members appointed to specialized systems handling chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological dangers; bomb squad technicians; medical personnel (including those carrying out coronavirus screening in assistance of the attending doctor of Congress); and communications and logistics support personnel.Coast Guard helicopters and vessels will be in the air and nearby waterways.Air Force fighter jets stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland will be aloft over the area. The air space over the Capitol, the National Mall and the rest of the city will be much more limited than typical, Pentagon officials said.Jennifer Steinhauer contributed reporting.

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