Sort your favorite YouTube channels into into folders with this free app

Fortunately, Ive discovered a service to this problem in the type of PocketTube. You can group your music and sports channels into different collections and inspect out their latest videos when the mood for each classification strikes you.

PocketTube is a convenient tool if you invest many hours on YouTube to handle your subscriptions a bit better.

PocketTube is a cross-platform app, readily available for Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Ive primarily used the Chrome extension, so Im going to talk a bit about its combination with YouTube on the internet.
[Read: How Netflix shapes traditional culture, described by data] You can head to YouTube and begin including channels to various groups by clicking the include icon on its page once you set up the extension.
Including channels to groups in PocketTubeYou can likewise specify sub-groups for channels; thats convenient for say, when you wish to club channels of specific categories within your Music collection. Plus, you can assign custom icons to quickly identify your collections.
After making your groups, if you head to the subscription page, you might easily browse for brand-new videos under particular collections by clicking a few toggles.
All subscription groups made through PocketTubeIts important to note that there are other tools such as YouTube Collections, however PocketTube works for me, and its readily available on several platforms.
PocketTube is a helpful tool if you invest many hours on YouTube to handle your subscriptions a bit better. You can find download links for it here.Did you understand we have a newsletter all about consumer tech? Its called Plugged In–.
and you can subscribe to it right here.

I invest a great deal of hours viewing a range of videos on YouTube, and I end up signing up for a lots of channels. Theres an issue in my best world: I frequently end up missing videos from new channels Ive subscribed to, due to the fact that of a substantial increase of videos from older ones.
Luckily, Ive discovered a service to this issue in the type of PocketTube. It groups your subscriptions into custom collections. For instance, you can group your music and sports channels into separate collections and have a look at their newest videos when the state of mind for each category strikes you.

Released January 19, 2021– 06:17 UTC.

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