How Bangkok’s 40,000-kilometer transport network was mapped for the first time

The firm, which concentrates on mapping transportation information in emerging cities globally, utilized a group of 25 locally based data collectors to travel across the Thai capitals public transit network– consisting of the MRT, the BTS Skytrain, and bus services– in addition to the large array of informal songthaew, minibus and riverboat routes that offer the bulk of first- and last-mile services.
Local staff collected key data on paths and fares which was then submitted to WhereIsMyTransports database at the end of each journey.
Yohnny Raich, Data Product Owner, WhereIsMyTransport, told Cities Today: “We did a fair bit of research before beginning our data collection to see if anything like this already existed, and could not find a thorough source that offered a current introduction of all transit options across the city.”
[Read: How Netflix shapes traditional culture, explained by information] Through its research, the company discovered that while data on established routes like the MRT and BTS skytrain was openly offered, there were disparities in schedules for localized bus services, and an unique absence of data for the substantial series of casual independently operated minibus-type services that complement traditional public transportation.
” I believe the most intriguing finding for us was the size and scale of the citys transportation network– there are over 800 public transport routes in Bangkok,” stated Raich. “Weve developed our own mobile application that allows us to collect all the relevant info– the paths, frequencies, hours of operation and approximate fare payments, etc.”
Information collected from the Bangkok project is available for organizations to accredit for a fee, and previous customers consist of the World Bank, which utilized WhereIsMyTransports data to support metropolitan ease of access examinations in numerous African cities
Mapping emerging cities.
In February, WhereIsMyTransport raised US$ 7.5 million in a Series A funding round, with financial investment from companies consisting of Google and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC).
The start-up first started mapping cities in Africa in 2015, before broadening to India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
It is presently focused on bridging the info space around informal modes of transportation like minibusses and rickshaws, which account for a high percentage of metropolitan travel in developing cities internationally.
Bangkok is the 3rd emerging megacity WhereIsMyTransport has mapped, after Mexico City and Dhaka, and the firm prepares to be the very first mapping operator to gather a complete set of information on official and informal public transportation in the developing worlds 30 largest cities by 2023.
” The production and upkeep of this mobility data is a basic primary step towards changing the general public transportation experience for numerous millions of people, and with it the social, cultural, and financial landscape of these cities,” said Devin de Vries, CEO, WhereIsMyTransport.
” We recruit big regional groups, train them to utilize our exclusive suite of tools, and work alongside them to gather information on the general public networks that they understand better than anybody– this collective approach implies we discover every subtlety in these unique, home-grown transportation systems.”
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London-based mapping company WhereIsMyTransport has actually finished what it declares is the initially comprehensive introduction of Bangkoks transportation network, mapping 40,000 kilometers of information throughout the city in 60 days.

Published January 19, 2021– 16:30 UTC

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