Facebook blocks creation of new events near White House and Capitol buildings amid inauguration security concerns

On Wednesday, Airbnb announced that all reservations in the Washington D.C. area next week have been canceled and no brand-new bookings in the area will be enabled throughout that time. The decision, Airbnb stated, is since of “various regional, state and federal officials asking people not to take a trip to Washington, D.C.” The hospitality site said it is also aware that armed militias and hate groups are planning to attend and interfere with Mr. Bidens inauguration..

Simply days before President-elect Joe Bidens inauguration, Facebook revealed on Friday that it is no longer enabling people to create new occasions near the White House, U.S. Capitol or any state capitol until after Inauguration Day..

Facebook will likewise review all inauguration-related occasions and remove ones that violate website policies, and block events developed in the U.S. by pages and accounts based beyond the U.S.” Were monitoring for signals of violence or other threats both in Washington, D.C. and throughout all 50 states,” Facebook said in a statement. “… as we carried out in the weeks after the presidential election, we are promoting precise details about the election and the violence at the Capitol instead of material that our systems forecast may be less precise, delegitimizes the election or represents the rioters as victims.”.
DHS issued an intelligence briefing stating that some extremists think Mr. Biden will not be a legitimate president. Social media websites have tightened their content small amounts since the deadly January 6 attack on the Capitol.

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