Skull Session: Urban Meyer Gets Another Win Over Jim Harbaugh, Meyer Could Draft Justin Fields and The Narrati – Eleven Warriors

One of my preferred aspects of 2021 so far is that JaeSean Tate is Actually Good.

JaeSean Tate is the first Rockets novice with 10+ helps in a game given that Steve Francis in 99-00.

— Taylor Pate (@taylorlpate) January 15, 2021

Score another big victory for Urban Meyer over Jim Harbaugh.

See, Harbaugh– widely understood for his NFL experience– has some of the worst task security on earth and simply spent the previous month approximately shopping himself to any NFL team that will listen and discovered no one who would even seriously considered it.

While Harbaugh discovered no NFL takers after all however posting his resume on, his bitter old rival is set to fill the most desired job in the NFL.

Its a funny tale of 2 careers.

On one sideline was Clemsons Trevor Lawrence, the overwhelming favorite to be the No. 1 choice in the 2021 NFL draft. On the other: Ohio States Justin Fields, coached by Meyers protege, Ryan Day, at a program Meyer improved into one of the sports unquestioned titans.

ANOTHER WIN OVER HARBAUGH. Urban Meyer retired from kicking Jim Harbaughs ass 2 years back, however he simply accidentally did it once again.

Oh, to crack inside Meyers head that night as he viewed and sat Fields outplay Lawrence.

And yet here we are.

Meyer, doing simply fine in his cushy TELEVISION task and position on Ohio States staff, seemed to be simply short of begged by the Jacksonville Jaguars to come out of retirement and coach their football group with definitely no NFL experience.

Hand up, I wrote him off from having any opportunity in the league unless he grew or developed an outdoors shot about 4 inches. Hes done neither and seems to be doing just great!

Personally, I think it would have been hilarious if Harbaugh did get an NFL gig and they somehow wound up in the same department– since you understand damn well how that would have played out every year.

Urban Meyer had actually belonged to the Fox Sports pre- and post-game programs for the Clemson-Ohio State CFP semifinal game on New Years Day, and by that point reports of his interest in the Jacksonville Jaguars head-coaching job were striking a rolling boil.

There likewise have actually been reports that Meyer has long been enamored with Lawrence, which should not be that stunning considering … he ranked Lawrence ahead of Fields at the start of the season on Fox.

There he sat, among less than 4,000 individuals enabled in the structure, looking down from the upper reaches of the New Orleans Superdome with his future career-changing considerations unfolding in front of his eyes.

Not long ago, Harbaugh was among the most significant stars in the NFL, where he led San Francisco to 3 NFC title games– and a Super Bowl– in his four seasons there. Then, he became its most unattainable prize, his early years at Michigan accompanied by an annual wave of wishful speculation.

Meyer was announced Thursday night as the next coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he will laugh all the way to The Bank (TIAA Bank Field) to take over a franchise that has dibs on the leading quarterback possibility considering that Andrew Luck (Trevor Lawrence), an additional 3 top-50 draft picks, and more than $80 million in cap space.

If you would have believed it possible that Meyer– an all-time college coach however without any pro experience– would be the more preferred NFL candidate, I would have had oceanfront residential or commercial property in Bowling Green to offer you.

Word of the Day: Mellifluous.

This is quite fantastic too.

FIELDS FOR FIRST? Trevor Lawrence has actually been penciled in as the leading overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft given that he won the nationwide title as a true freshman. But with Urban Meyer taking the reins in Jacksonville, is there an opportunity he decides for Justin Fields rather?

Could his opinion have moved dramatically in the past five months? Could the trusted Day perhaps sway his former employer mind on Fields?

Urban x Trevor …? Take a look at @CoachUrbanMeyer breaking down what makes @Trevorlawrencee so unique earlier this season on Urbans Playbook

Meyer didnt recruit or coach Fields, however he sure knows him. He famously sat next to him at a basketball video game during Fields first couple of days on campus, was an assistant athletic director the entire time Fields was at Ohio State, and mentored Fields in his leadership classes while Fields was a captain.

That stated, I think the entire “Ohio State connection” thing is a little overblown. If Meyer takes Fields, it wont be due to the fact that he understands him from leadership classes, it will be since Fields is his damp dream of a quarterback with his running and passing capability.

Now, the NFL video game is various than the professional game and Meyer might not be trying to find an elite passer thats developed like Herschel Walker. Plus, Meyer has actually been infamously high on Trevor Lawrence, also, so theres a strong opportunity thats where the Jags go anyway.

— FOX College Football (@CFBONFOX) January 14, 2021

@AlabamaFTBL broke the tie with Clemson for the most CFP titles of any program

There was one enormous missed out on chance thats going to haunt me for a while.

WHERE IT HURTS. As far as nationwide title game losses go, I believe this years loss to Bama is as innocuous as it gets. I do not truly see much long-term damage done to the program and as a fan, Im less bitter about this loss than I am about a typical regular season slip-up.

Personally, I think the Fields vs. Lawrence debate is going to be a lot stronger than people believe– in this years draft and in the years to come.

— FOX College Football (@CFBONFOX) January 14, 2021

We may not hear from everyone whos on the fence, cause the NFL is offering elders some extra time.

Ive got no hate for Tate. I want to see him do his thing somewhere where hell in fact have an opportunity to play, and its ending up being clear that aint going to occur at Miami.

And truthfully, he probably should move. As rough as his journeys been, he plainly has some talent and college football would be a hell of a lot more fun if he was starting for some Sun Belt group.

Martell means to return to Miami when the spring term starts on Jan. 25 according to a source.

Thats fine. Lets simply rattle off 3 straight and claim that top spot on our own, cool?

For many years, the narrative around college football has actually been that Alabama and Clemson remain in a league of their own and everyone else is at least a tier behind. Ohio State had an opportunity to eliminate that narrative this year and tie Bama and Clemson with the most titles in the playoff era. Rather, the loss helps perpetuate it.

A LITTLE MORE TIME. You can appropriately expect this to be a hectic week for player statements considering that all underclassmen have until Monday to decide whether they will get in the NFL Draft.

Quarterback Tate Martell was among four Hurricanes who opted out of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Definitely the personnel will need to invite Martell back and conversations will have to be had with him in order for him to rejoin team activities given how he has not been around the team in months after serving a suspension to begin the 2020 season and being away from the team at times in 2019 due to personal factors.

However it appears he plans to stick around, after all.

Now, picture what that Tweet would state if the Buckeyes beat Bama.

To be entirely fair, this doesnt dismiss a transfer. I mean, its not like this would be the very first time Martell planned to return to a school before transferring out a few days later on.

With the NCAA giving a 5th year of college football eligibility, the NFL notified clubs this morning that players who have completed 4 years must alert the league by March 1 if they intend to forego the 2021 NFL Draft and go back to college, per sources.

TATE STAYING A CANE? With the way things have actually shaken out for our good buddy Tate Martell over in Miami, I would have set the odds of him transferring this offseason at around -800.

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) January 14, 2021

For what its worth, the bulk of Ohio States fourth-year gamers took part in Senior Day celebrations, presumably indicating theyre on their way out. There were a couple of noteworthy holdouts on that front including Haskell Garrett and Shaun Wade.

Weve already heard from Marcus Williamson that he is returning, however outside of that, there have actually been no main announcements.

I discover it tough to think well need to wait until March for those choices, however if the worlds finest third-team All-Big Ten protective tackle and the very best safety on the roster want to tease me for a month and a half, thats their right and I respect that.

SONG OF THE DAY. “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness.

Could his opinion have moved significantly in the past 5 months? Could the trusted Day perhaps sway his former boss mind on Fields? For years, the story around college football has actually been that Alabama and Clemson are in a league of their own and everyone else is at least a tier behind. Ohio State had a chance to eliminate that story this year and tie Bama and Clemson with the most titles in the playoff period. Instead, the loss helps perpetuate it.

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