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Jaguars owner Shad Khan has his head coach in Urban Meyer, but the team has yet to employ a General Manager.
From his comments at Meyers initial press conference, Khan hired Meyer initially because he desires a group focused around the head coach. Khan decreased to define who will have last say over the 53-man roster, but he made it clear Meyers voice and viewpoints will carry a lot of weight.
“Moving forward, I think the issue of roster control, its more technical or symbolic,” Khan said. “My whole aspect– and this started truly about 15 months ago– [is] that we require to be a coach-centric group in our organization, where the head coach truly has to lead the kind of players he desires, the kind of group we need to be. And the General Manager, myself, we need to support that vision. And in some way, someway that had been lost. And the idea here is more about transparency, responsibility, partnership, and teamwork.
Khan included that he and Meyer have talked about the G.M. role and who it should be, and the hope is that theyll have the ability to employ somebody in the next week or two.
Both Meyer and the G.M. will report straight to Khan.
“Everybody in the company, were going to be bring out, clearly, Urbans vision of the group for the sort of players we desire,” Khan stated.

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