Renault Mobilize EZ-1 prototype has glass doors, is recyclable – Business Insider

Mobilize is a new EV and mobility brand name from French automaker Renault.
The Mobilize EZ-1 is a mini EV prototype thats shareable and made from recycled materials.
When they utilize the automobile and a clever battery exchange system indicates the cars and truck can be used continually, users would just pay.
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A traditional automaker spinning off a brand-new EV and movement brand name isnt a new relocation, and French automaker Renault is the latest to get in on the trend. “Mobilize” is a new movement, energy, and data services brand name within Renault, and its intro comes with this cute EZ-1 compact EV prototype.Mobilize pictures users sharing the EZ-1 by only paying and utilizing for it when needed.

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