Officer in Pro-Trump Cap Claims He Rescued Endangered Colleagues – The Wall Street Journal

It was one of the images from the pro-Trump riot that surprised the nation and annoyed members of Congress: A Capitol Police officer putting on a red Make America Great Again cap and leading protesters through a mob into the U.S. Capitol.
Within days, the officer was suspended.
The officer, recognized by The Wall Street Journal as Lt. Tarik Khalid Johnson, has told coworkers the images werent what they appeared. The MAGA cap was a ploy that was part of an unusual strategy to save more than a dozen caught authorities officers during the Jan. 6 riot, the officers stated he told them. And one witness said the lieutenants action made it possible for a set of doors to the Capitol to be closed, shutting down an entry point to more trespassers.
Lt. Johnson, 45 years old, is among three officers suspended after rioters overran law enforcement and threatened the lives of members of Congress as they were accrediting the Electoral College votes to elect Joseph Biden as president. Examinations are active into several other officers actions that day, according to a congressional aide.
Fellow officers said Lt. Johnson, who voted as a signed up Democrat in the main in Maryland in 2015, isnt known to them as a fan of Mr. Trump, and some were surprised when a photo flowed of Lt. Johnson wearing the MAGA cap throughout the riot.

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