Microsoft’s Windows 10X takes a lot of design cues from Google’s Chrome OS – XDA Developers

Spoiler alert: It takes a lot of style hints from Chrome OS.Both The Verge and Windows Central got their hands on the pre-release develop of Windows 10X, which clearly looks like Microsofts answer to Googles Chrome OS. Its a light-weight take on Windows 10 that looks primed to target enterprise and education circles.In Windows Centrals video, we get a good concept of what using Windows 10 will be like, from the reworked taskbar to running progressive web apps (PWA). Were not sure how much these devices will cost, but if we had to venture a guess theyll be in the $400 to $700 range.If youre curious to evaluate out Windows 10X yourself, Twitter user thebookisclosed shared a download link to an “emulator-esque image” that can be installed by following user NTAuthoritys guide.Would you like to toy around with a more recent build of Windows 10X yourself?

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