Kuo: New MacBook Pro Models to Feature Flat-Edged Design, MagSafe, No Touch Bar and More Ports – MacRumors

Apple is dealing with two new MacBook Pro models that will include significant style changes, well-respected Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo stated today in a note to investors that was obtained by MacRumors.
According to Kuo, Apple is developing two models in 14 and 16-inch size choices. The brand-new MacBook Pro machines will feature a flat-edged style, which Kuo refers to as “comparable to the iPhone 12” without any curves like existing designs. It will be the most substantial style upgrade to the MacBook Pro in the last 5 years.
The revitalized MacBook Pro models will have extra ports, and Kuo states that Most people might not require to buy dongles to supplement the available ports on the brand-new devices. Since 2016, Apples MacBook Pro models have been restricted to USB-C ports with no other ports readily available.
All of the new MacBook Pro designs will feature Apple silicon chips, and there will be no Intel chip alternatives consisted of.
1. The 2 new designs are geared up with about 14-inch and 16-inch display screens, respectively.2. In terms of casing style, the new designs cancel the curved design of existing designs leading and bottom parts and embrace a flat-edged form element design comparable to the iPhone 12.3. The MagSafe charging adapter style is brought back.4. The OLED touch bar is removed, and the physical function buttons are restored.5. There is no Intel CPU option for the new models.6. They are geared up with more kinds of I/O, and a lot of users might not need to acquire extra dongles.
The MacBook Pro models will utilize the same heat pipe design utilized by the current 16-inch MacBook Pro model, which Kuo says is far better than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air due to the fact that it will enable increased computing power.
Kuo says that we can anticipate to see the new MacBook Pro designs launched in the third quarter of 2021. Due to the revamped style and strong replacement need, Kuo anticipates total MacBook deliveries to grow significantly by 25 to 30 percent year over year to 20 million systems.
Kuo also stated that high-end iPhone models being available in 2021 are most likely to adopt a vapor chamber thermal system, which Apple is “strongly testing.” The VC thermal system will be needed for the high-end iPhones due to their stronger computing power and faster 5G connection speeds. There are already mobile phones from business like Samsung, Razer, and LG that utilize vapor chamber cooling innovation, which is used to keep a device cooler when it is under heavy tension.
It is uncertain if the vapor chamber thermal system will satisfy Apples high requirements, according to Kuo, but he is positive about the dependability improvement schedule and anticipates a minimum of high-end models to adopt it in the near future.

The new MacBook Pro machines will include a flat-edged design, which Kuo explains as “comparable to the iPhone 12” with no curves like present designs. The refreshed MacBook Pro models will have additional ports, and Kuo states that Most individuals may not need to acquire dongles to supplement the offered ports on the new machines. Because 2016, Apples MacBook Pro models have actually been limited to USB-C ports with no other ports readily available.
In terms of casing style, the brand-new models cancel the curvy style of existing models bottom and leading parts and adopt a flat-edged type factor style comparable to the iPhone 12.3.

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