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” As to when we will have a new coach, this is a deep and broad search,” Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson stated on Jan. 4, at the beginning of this search. “Were going to take our time, this is a procedure and we wish to get it right. Clearly, we arent the only group searching for a brand-new coach, time is constantly of the essence, but were going to do this right.”

Saleh has actually talked to with every team that has an opening except the Texans. He left the Jets on Wednesday and went to Florida to talk to with the Eagles.

On Thursday, the Jets completed a 2nd interview with Titans offensive organizer Arthur Smith. The Jets interviewed nine prospects, however all of the interviews were done essentially. Prospects on teams in the postseason can not talk to in individual up until their teams are removed from the playoffs.

The very first coaching hiring was made Thursday, as the Jaguars and Urban Meyer settled on an offer. However Meyer never appeared to be a real candidate anywhere however Jacksonville. The dominoes will truly begin to fall when one of the other six openings is filled.

The danger of waiting that long is any coach employed in February might have trouble putting his personnel together. Most of the coaching areas will be filled by then and it can be difficult to tempt assistant coaches.

Smith has actually talked to with every group except the Texans, who have expressed interest in talking to him. He had a second interview with the Falcons prior to concerning New Jersey on Wednesday. After ending up with the Jets on Thursday, Smith was scheduled to fly to Florida to meet the Eagles for the very first time. He is also going to have a 2nd interview with the Lions on Friday.

If one of those 2 get plucked by another group, it will be interesting to see if the Jets carry on the other. Thats presuming they have those 2 both high on their list, which one can presume since they had both of them in for interviews today before anyone else.

Or the Jets might wait to see who loses this weekend to see who they might generate next week for an interview. Daboll, Bieniemy, Rams defensive planner Brandon Staley and Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn (a previous Jets player) all have spoken with virtually with the Jets and have playoff games this weekend.

On Thursday, the Jets finished a 2nd interview with Titans offending planner Arthur Smith. Hes the 2nd prospect they have actually interviewed in person in New Jersey. They interviewed 49ers protective coordinator Robert Saleh on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Arthur SmithAPThat is the challenging spot in which the Jets and the other teams find themselves. A training search is constantly a balance between acting rapidly to beat other groups to a prospect, but also doing an extensive search. That has actually been complicated this year by the COVID-19 restrictions. The Jets talked to nine candidates, but all of the interviews were done practically. Groups are not going to pick a coach, and vice versa, without conference face to face. Candidates on teams in the postseason can not speak with in person till their groups are eliminated from the playoffs.

That enabled the Jets to bring Saleh (whose 49ers missed the playoffs) and Smith (whose Titans were eliminated Sunday) in for 2nd interviews this week. They did not feel highly enough to attempt to lock among them up during their check outs, but will they strike if one of them is employed by another team? Will they have the perseverance to wait on an in-person interview if Chiefs offending planner Eric Bieniemy or Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll advance to the Super Bowl? That would indicate waiting until Feb. 8 to meet them. They might do another virtual interview with them during the off week prior to the Super Bowl, however they surely would not hire anyone they did not satisfy with in person.

Both Saleh and Smith left and headed for interviews with other teams. They both have drawn attention from almost every one of the groups searching for a coach. The Jets are getting to the point at which they must choose whether they wish to be the group to strike initially for among these sought-after candidates or wait it out.

The Jets are nearly 2 weeks into their look for a new head coach. When they will discover one is anybodys guess.

That enabled the Jets to bring Saleh (whose 49ers missed out on the playoffs) and Smith (whose Titans were removed Sunday) in for 2nd interviews this week. He left the Jets on Wednesday and went to Florida to interview with the Eagles.

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