James Harden trade: Shaquille ONeal, Charles Barkley take shots at newest member of Nets – CBS Sports

The 1993 MVP ended with the most unforgettable quote of the night, making a joke about how Durant went from a group complete of shooters, to one with just dribblers.

In the first episode of “Inside The NBA” since James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, the team naturally discussed among the most significant pieces of news to come out of the league considering that the last season was closed down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. As one might anticipate from comprehending the dynamics of the hosts, Shaquille ONeal and Charles Barkley were both not precisely complimentary towards Harden.First was Shaq, who utilized an anecdote about his own life to explain why he understands what hes talking about. He contested Hardens claim that the bearded guard “provided his all” to the city of Houston, citing all of the times Harden lost in the postseason with a team he asked management to assemble.

Shaq eventually ended with his diatribe stating that lots of in Houston were, in truth, happy that the 2018 MVP was no longer with the team.Barkley was a bit less direct with his commentary, beginning with a compliment towards Kevin Durant. He said that Harden, in addition to Kyrie Irving, has actually never ever revealed any evidence that he “just wants to win” and cares just about his private numbers. Barkley then hypothesized that Brooklyn made this sell anticipation that they would not have the ability to rely on Irving throughout the remainder of the season.

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