Electric vehicles can now use bus lanes in the UK — and cyclists aren’t happy

Bus lanes are designed to offer some priority to those that use public transport, implying that they dont get stuck in traffic congestion and can adhere to their scheduled times.
[Read: How Netflix shapes mainstream culture, discussed by information] While were all for getting more individuals into electric cars and trucks, were likewise keen on supporting our roads most vulnerable users, such as pedestrians and bicyclists. In bike-first cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, facilities is created to secure the most susceptible roadway users prior to offering priority to vehicles.
Bus lanes arent an ideal solution for biking infrastructure, but in the UK they are among the closest thing cyclists get to dedicated infrastructure in the nation.
Understandably, bicyclists in the UK are annoyed that Cambridgeshire is letting vehicles, even if they are electrical, into the bus lanes.

Cambridgeshire County Council trial Tesla lanes which could see bicyclists sharing bus lanes with electric automobiles https://t.co/hlU1TJxftJ #cycling pic.twitter.com/Xqel95g202
— road.cc (@roadcc) January 14, 2021

As readers of UK-based online cycling magazine Road.cc emphasize, the entire point of letting cyclists utilize bus lanes is to provide them a safe space that is somewhat segregated from dense car traffic. Letting EVs in infringes on that safe space.
Sure they do not give off fumes like combustion engine cars do, however they are still fast and heavy portions of metal that can present a substantial threat to the roads most vulnerable road users.
The trial is destined to run for around 18-months, at which point the council will reconvene to discuss whether the trial was a success.
With the UK enforcing a restriction on the sale of new petrol and diesel automobiles in 2035, EVs cant have priority to bus lanes forever, otherwise they will get too hectic and be rendered useless.
HT– Road.CC, Cambridgeshire Independent.
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In December, the UK county of Cambridgeshire started a traffic guideline trial that let electrical lorry chauffeurs utilize bus lanes, which are typically reserved for buses, cyclists, taxis, and bikes.
The county council stated that letting electrical lorries utilize the bus lanes functions as an extra incentive to get motorists out of their combustion engine vehicles and into EVs.

Published January 15, 2021– 14:55 UTC.

Im all for self-driving and electric cars and trucks, but it seems some people lose all sense of safety and reasoning the 2nd electric vehicles are mentioned.Have them on the road, not in lanes with cyclists. https://t.co/oW9W74hA0V
— Ashles (@Ashles3000) January 14, 2021

In Nottingham, these lanes are typically occupied by commuters in electric beamers whove purchased them so they can accelerate and surpass other traffic while in the quieter lane.
— Steve (@stephen365) January 14, 2021.

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