AI can determine a persons political affiliation based on their photo with 70% accuracy – Daily Mail

As human beings might be missing out on or misinterpreting some of the cues, their low accuracy does not necessarily represent the limit of what algorithms might achieve, reads the studyAlgorithms stand out at acknowledging patterns in substantial datasets that no human might ever process, and are increasingly surpassing us in visual tasks ranging from diagnosing skin cancer to facial recognition to face-based judgments of intimate characteristics, such as sexual orientation (76% vs. 56%) 7, character (64% vs. 57%; derived from Pearsons rs), and– as shown here– political orientation. Similar accuracy was seen in the Canada sample, 71%, and the UK with 70% The highest predictive power was paid for by head orientation (58 percent), followed by emotional expression (57 percent). In other words, a single facial image reveals more about a persons political orientation than their actions to a relatively long personality questionnaire, including many items seemingly related to political orientation (e.g., I deal with all individuals equally or I think that too much tax cash goes to support artists), the research study reads.

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