Troy Aikman: Doug Pederson wanted Jalen Hurts, Jeffrey Lurie wanted Carson Wentz – NBC Sports

Eagles owner Jeffrey Luries decision to fire coach Doug Pederson may have come from a difference of viewpoint about who need to be the groups starting quarterback moving forward.
Pederson thinks Jalen Hurts provides the Eagles the finest opportunity to win, and Lurie wants to restore Carson Wentz, according to Troy Aikman, who said on Michael Irvins podcast that he spoke with Pederson after Pederson was fired.
” I connected to Doug Pederson yesterday when I heard the news,” Aikman said. “What I gathered it boiled down to was a difference of viewpoint as to how theyre moving on at the quarterback position, is what I noticed. Jeff Lurie, the owner, has actually paid a great deal of money to Carson Wentz, and theyre on the hook with him, they cant leave that agreement right away. Its my belief that Doug Pederson felt that Jalen Hurts is most likely the quarterback going forward. And how does that mesh?”
Aikman stated Pedersons shooting was “complicated” and not just about the quarterback position. Wentzs regression, and the development of Hurts, is a significant problem the Eagles have to resolve going forward. And if Lurie and Pederson werent on the exact same page, one of them was going to need to go. And it wasnt going to be the owner.

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