Postal worker sentenced for stealing consoles from the mail – Polygon

The precise very same thing took place to me, I got a George Foreman grill! Now I cant get a replacement due to the fact that there is no stock anywhere in the UK even though I pre-ordered it 2 months in advance!

Federal district attorneys revealed Wednesday that a U.S. Postal Service manager had been sentenced in a case including consoles taken from the mail throughout the spring.
Zoheb A. Deura, 34, of Derby, Connecticut, was fined $20,000 and sentenced to 3 years probation, the very first nine months of which he should serve in house confinement. He pleaded guilty in October to the theft, in between February and April 2020, of numerous bundles, including ones including “PlayStation and Nintendo gaming devices,” along with an Apple iPhone and computer system.
Deura likewise took plans containing shoes and clothes; after an examination by the Postal Services Inspector General, Deura was charged and pleaded guilty on Oct. 21 to embezzlement of mail by a Postal Service staff member. Deura has given that resigned from the Postal Service.
Although Deuras criminal activities predate the shipment and launch of the PlayStation 5, the news may still resonate with those who have actually found the console hard to come by. Anecdotal accounts of PS5s stolen in transit appeared in the news shortly after the consoles launch in early November. Amazon started an examination in the U.K. after several customers there stated their console boxes showed up filled with cat food, appliances, or other scrap they hadnt ordered.

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