Android Auto is reading notifications in the wrong language — and Google’s solution is terrible

One French user, whose phone is set to French, says that Android Auto is trying to check out notifications in English, even though the messages are written in French. The outcome is a mess of mispronounced words that make no sense, they state.
[Read: Meet the 4 scale-ups using information to save the planet] Another user reports the exact same is taking place to them, other than their phone is set to English, and its attempting to read messages in Russian.
The Google assistance forum thread where Android Auto users concerned discuss had more than 900 remarks and 1,400 up votes. Its not precisely a fringe collection of cases.
In brief, it makes the voice read notices absolutely unusable, and has actually been afflicting users given that 2019. The good news is, Google lastly has a solution!
Buuuut, it leaves a lot to be preferred.
As Android Police reports, Googles recommendation, which has actually taken them more than a year to come up with, is to simply erase the secondary language from your phone.
Its not exactly a solution if you need that language for other apps or functions on your phone. Even so, Google still had the audacity to mark this issue as “resolved” in its list of known problems.
Google has marked the concern with Android Auto languages as “just recently addressed,” but it sounds far from it.The Big G likewise notes this solution on its official Google Assistant help page.
Another big problem with this option is that deleting secondary languages from your phone, means you can no longer address Google Assistant because language. As lots of bilingual people will know, there are some words and phrases that just do not translate, and require to be spoken in a second language.
Thinking about that almost half of the world speaks more than one language, Google truly needs to pull its finger out and repair this appropriately. Multilingual users should not need to compromise secondary languages so that Android Auto checks out alert effectively.
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Over the past 18 months, some Android Car users have reported that Android Car is getting its languages puzzled and reading notices in a garbled mess of words that make no sense.
Based on what users are reporting, it appears that Google Assistant in the car-based app is trying to check out incoming messages in a secondary language, however is analyzing those messages based on its primary language.

Published January 14, 2021– 09:53 UTC

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