Why Graphics Cards Are Even More Expensive in 2021

These tariffs are only going to make the process more tough– and costly– if youre lucky enough to score a card.The tariffs dont simply affect GPUs, either; SSDs, CPUs, power supply systems, and other PC elements might all see price hikes in between 7 and 25 percent, depending on their price. As Toms Hardware notes, the boost on prices for these most likely wont be as severe as the increase to GPUs, but if youre buying or building a new PC, or upgrading a number of pieces of an existing rig, youll definitely notice a difference.G/ O Media may get a commissionOur finest guidance for anybody looking to develop or update their PC is to shop wisely and thoroughly. At some point, graphics card amounts will stabilize (we hope), and buying a brand-new graphics card from a legitimate seller at typical MSRP will be simpler– even if the GPU costs more than what it did at launch.Its likewise possible new GPUs will launch that are cheaper, or drive down the rate of the current high-end designs.

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