Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees is oldest QB matchup ever – NBC Sports

When the Buccaneers play the Saints on Sunday, well see the oldest quarterback match in NFL history.
Brady is 43 and Brees will turn 42 on Friday, and the combined age of 85 will be the oldest for 2 quarterbacks playing versus each other in NFL history.
The previous record was a combined age of 84, set when Brady and Brees fulfilled each other two times during the regular season. The previous playoff record was a combined age of 78, set 2 years earlier when 41-year-old Bradys Patriots handled 37-year-old Philip Rivers Chargers.
Brady ended up being the oldest quarterback ever to play in a playoff video game when the Buccaneers beat Washington on Saturday. Brees is the second-oldest to start a playoff video game, after Brady, although both George Blanda and Vinny Testaverde played in the playoffs, as backups, when they were older than Brees is now.
Brady is having some fun with the matchup, publishing on Twitter an image revealing he and Brees looking senior, and saying the video game ought to be on the History Channel.

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