PopSockets latest iPhone grips are MagSafe-compatible – Engadget

PopSockets ended up being well-known for phone grips that you can connect to the back of a gadget. Its had to create new kinds of items these past years as cordless charging became increasingly popular, however, such as the MagSafe-compatible line for iPhone 12 that it has launched at CES 2021. The new line includes three grips, the very first of which (simply called PopGrip for MagSafe) attaches to iPhone 12 MagSafe cases with a magnet rather of an adhesive. That method, you can easily remove it when its time to charge. It also includes a no-slip rubber bottom and swappable top, so you can change the method it looks whenever you want.The PopGrip Slide Stretch, on the other hand, has “broadening arms” that mechanically attach to the sides of most cases. When you require to charge or when you desire to utilize it as a stand, you can just move it towards the bottom of a phone. The last grip, the PopGrip Slide for iPhone 12, works similar to the PopGrip Slide Stretch, but it was specifically deigned to fit Apples silicone cases for the iPhone 12.

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