LGs entry-level A1 OLED TVs should be its cheapest yet – Engadget

The A1 series is available in 48, 55, 65 and 77-inch versions, and come with a 50/60Hz panel, a trio of HDMI 2.0b ports and support for HGiG HDR gaming. More importantly, you’ll get support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Filmmaker Mode, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and AirPlay 2.

Owners will also have access to eARC support for lossless sound transmission and webOS 6.0, running on an alpha 7 Gen4 processor. That means, if you’re a cinephile or otherwise have bought a TV to actually watch TV on, then you may not notice too many of the compromises. 

Unfortunately, LG neglected to offer up any sort of price for the TVs it announced at CES this year, so we’re not sure what “affordable” means in this context. Given the system is probably the most stripped-back OLED TV that LG has launched in the last two years, we’d hope it sells for a lot less than the BX’s $1,400 launch price. 

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